David Fanning and the Tories

David was the most famous Tory.Fanning was a notorious follower of Edmund Fanning even though they were not related. In 1781 when the British invaded Fanning raised a second regiment for them and became its colonel. His regiment did not join the British but operated independently. At this time most of his men were accused of stealling, murder, and rape. David's men ran the Assemly out of town and had captured the governor Thomas Burke and many goods. Even as they were attacked on the way back, the Tories still delivered the governor and other prisoners to the British.


Yorktown was a battlefield in 1781. The name of this battle was called The Battle of Yorktown. It included people like George Washington, Lieutenant General de Rochambeau, and Lord Cornwallis. Washington was commanding the Americans, and Lieutenant General de Rochambeau was commanding the French, while Cornwallis was commanding the British. Each army had over 5,000 soldiers. The winners were the Americans and the French.