The missing Roanoke residents is now known as the Lost Colony. One early speculation was that the Spanish had raided the settlement but no records could prove this. It was possible that the Native Americans could have sitll been mad at the Lane colony and killed all the colonist. The whites had never found any evidence to prove this either. They moved to live with the Croatonas. Near the 1700's white settlers were startled to find that Native Americans living on the Lumber had blue eyes, built houses, and had English names. According to a record found in the British record offfice in London, Powhatan miserably slaughtered men, women, and shildren of the first plantatrion at Roanoke.

Sir Walter Raliegh only crossed the Atlantic once, to lead military expedition to South America. He became famous by helping keep Elizabeth 1 on the throne in the 1570's. Raliegh had helped Queen Elizabeth conquer Ireland. His fortunes changed drastically when Elizabeth died in 1603. The new king, James distrusted him and accuesed him of of treason and threw him in jail. Raliegh wrote the History of the World while he was in jail. They say he was one of the best poets of his day.

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