There were four different tribes in North Carolina. They were the Algonquin Tribe, the Tuscarora Tribe, the Catawba Tribe, and the Cherokee Tribe.´╗┐The Tuscarora lived along the coast and spoke many versions of the Algonquin language. Their main source of food was fish.They grew different plants such as melons, cucumbers, gourdes, corn, and pease. They also ate many nuts such as walnuts. These Native Americans were in paintings done by John White. The second group of Native Americans I'm going to talk about is the Tuscarora Tribe. They lived near the Neuse and Tar river. This group was large it had about fifteen large villages each with three hundred to five hundred people. They say that they had flat bodies because when they were babies they were laced down hard to a board to give them the correct form of posture. The Tuscarora wer kin to the famousIroquois nation of New York. The third group I'm going to talk about is the Catawba Tribe. They lived in the rolling hills of the Piedmont. They had many names but the largest group was named Catawba. They were famous for their burnt black pottery. They spoke many versions of the Sioux language. The Catwaba Tribe was distantly related to the Sioux Tribe of the Great Plains.The last but most famous group I'm going to talk about is the Cherokee Tribe. It was large in size they had more than thiry thousand people, they were the largest in the United States. They were kin to the Iroquois but they didn't have a good relationship with them. They were forced out of their homes to move to the deep part of the mountains. They controlled fourty thousand square miles including part of western North Carolia, eastern Tennessee, northern Alabama and Georgia, and western Virginia.

The Algonquin Tribe
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The Tuscarora Tribe
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The Cherokee Tribe
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