On a fairly warm summer day a white young man and a free black man are making plans to travel the world. The young white man has blonde hair and green eyes. He is dressed in baggy clothes and no shoes. He is yelling loudly at the black man, "NO JIM! WE CAN'T TAKE THEM ALONG! WE'LL BE BEHING SCHEDULE!" The man called Jim replied camly, "Huck we can't leave them behing to starve." Huck paces back and forth trying to think. He finally gives in and says, "Alright, we'll take them." Huck gets up and blows out the candle. It is completely dark in the small little cabin. Huck and Jim start moving around to get comfortable so they can sleep and be ready for tomorrow moring.
Cock-a-doodle-dooo! Screamed the roosterr. Huck and Jim were getting ready to leave to pick up two girls named Lizzy and Anne. They were both sisters. Lizzy wasn't exactly tall but she wasn't short either, she was about 18. She had red fiery hair that came down to the middle of her back. Her sister, Anne, was short and had short brown hair. She looked nothing like her sister. She had a hundred tiny frckles on her cheeks. When Jim and Huck walked up the path, the girls came out running and shouting with glee. "We thought you would go on without us!" Lizzy screamed loudly. "I thought we would to." mumbled Huck. They started to walk into the wodds.
Soon Anne was complaining to Lizzy. "But why Lizz!? Its so unfair I don't want to be here!" screams Anne. "Anne come back here!" Lizzy screamed as Anne ran away. Huck and Jim had gone hunting to find supper and breaksfast. They were makin their way back to the camp when they heard rustling leaves. Huck spins around with the gun loaded and pointed in the direction where the noise had come from. As he aproached the dark crouched figure, it turn and jumped up. Without warning Huck shot the creature. It cried out and as it fell of the edge Jim and Huck realized it was Anne that Huck had shot. They hurried down the little hill trying to find Anne. They called her name but there was no response. Soon they found her body not too far from the drop. They turn her oer to find she is still breathing but is unconsicous. They carry her back to the camp and tell Lizzy what had happened. No one hardly spoke the next two days but Lizzy confeses her feelings for Huck. "HUck everything will be OK, I know it will." ,Lizzy tells Huck. "I know its just I've know men to become blind from a fall like that." Huck whispered. "Huck?" She breathed. "Yeah?" he answered. "It may sound strange but I don't have the feelings of sadness. Its like when you're around nothing is wrong. Anne told me once that i gave you a look that seemed like I was inlove with you, and I think shes right Huck." Lizzy whispered in one breath. Huck smiled at this, for he had always like Lizzy, but now he noticed these feelings were getting stronger. "Lizzy, I...I...I have the same feelings." Huck stammered. She had walked over and lightly kissed him on the cheek. They both blushed and got ready for bed. After breakfest Jim had tied up the food so no animals would get it. All of them left to head down to the river to take a bath. Even Anne came along for she had woken up yesterday. But, something seemed strange and only Anne and Jim knew. "Be careful here. Theres a hole, miss.Jim whispered so only Anne could hear. She whispered softly back, "Thanks Jim, I wish I hadn't ran away from the campl I never would have fallen and became blind!" "Everything will be fine, Miss. But.... we do have to tell someone soon." Jim said quietly. "NO! Huck WILL leave me behind then!" She almost wanted to shout. In about a hour they all started back to the camp. When they arrived everyone except Anne saw that a bear had ransacked the place looking for food. The rope that held the food had been chewed onl and torn. Almost all the food was gone.
Later on that night Lizzy had went into Huck's tent to talk to him. "Huck, Huck, HUCK WAKE UP!" she whispered. "What? he groaned . Lizzy crawled into his tent and whispered "Huck, I think something is wrong with Anne." "What do you mean?" Huck asked. "Well, I don't know. Jim has been helping Anne walk around like she didn't know where she was going. She also had put her shoes on the wrong feet this morning, and well, I think she may be...well...blind." Lizzy said quickly. "Maybe, but I've seen that lost look on her face we'll ask her tomorrow." Huck replied. They stayed up talking and thinking. After everyone woke up, they ater together and joked lightly and suddenly Lizzy bursted "Anne are you blind?" "What?" Anne replies shly. "Are you blind?" Lizzy repeated. "No!.....Well...maybe. Yes" Anne confesed, "I didn't want to tell anybody because I was afraid of what would happen, I'm sorry. A month later Anne has been more and more trouble to keep with us, Huck whispered to Jim one day. "We're approaching a town soon how bout we find someone to take care of her?" Huck suggested. But he didn't know that Anne was very sick. Within the next two days, Anne had died. Lizzy hardly spoke, but she ate more and more each day. She seemed to have moodswings and she continued to get bigger. When she felt somthing kick her from inside her stomach she knew for sure that she was pregant. She told Huck and Jim at the same time but while Huck was excited Jim was worried how the bady would be delivered and how it would be cared for. Soon they would find out.