seven facts about Hoover
  • He was one of the most respected man
  • He was the first President to have a telephone on his desk in the Oval Office
  • He started off at age 54 and he was from California
  • He was the first President to be born west of Missisippi
  • Fishing was Hoover's favorite hobby
  • He created Hoover Ball
  • Hoover was considered a great bussiness man and a workaholic

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Depression in NC
The Great Depression started in 1929 when the stock markets had crashed. This was known as a bear market, it ruined many people's jobs and componies. America had made money by selling arms and other materials to the European countries during Wuring the war. In the late 1920s factories had too many goods and not enough customers. Farmers tried to grow as much as they possibly could. Even Ford Plant in Charlotte had to close because of the Great Depression. More than 300 banks had to close during this period of time. Many banks were closing down and stopped lending money. Govener Gardner had lost his savings when a Shelby bank nearly closed. Governor Gardner worked hard to keep as many banks open as possible. He kept building highways so that way men would have jobs. He wanted all of the farm families to participate in a Live at Home Program.

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