Moravian were a very religious group. They love to be musical and sing songs to worship and celebrate together. They had groups called choirs, there was one for the boys and one for the girls. They held worship services together inside that choir. They also moved to a different choir in certain stages of life. They had a strange way of choosing yes or no to answer a question, it was called the lot. They had two peices of paper, one was white the other black. The white one meant yes and the black meant no, so when you drawed one out from a box that would be the answer to your question. Even if it was a marriage the young man would choose a peice of paper and if it was yes then the girl could still say no. As a teen most Moravians had a skill for the men it would be either become a tanner, brewer, or a tinsmith. Most girls had a skill of spinning and weaving.


The Scots-Irish were the first people to settle in the backcountry. Some Scots were transplanted to northern Ireland during the 1600s because they were Protestants and were sent as part of an English plan to conquer the Irish Catholics. When th English started to tell people how to worship many left. They left to find religious freedom and new land in Pennsylvania where all people were welcomed. Soon Pennsylvania became so popular it grew crowded so they headed south because the Iroquois didn't like inruders. Few of the Scots-Irish started farming in Orande County.

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