Settlers from the North

The Durants were among the first white people to settle on what is now North Carolina. In the 1650's George Durant was a partner in exploring the land with Ricahrd and Nathaniel Batts, two other Virginians.´╗┐ They had originally been partners in trading with the Native Americans. Batts had bought land from the Yeopim Indians in 1660, and Durant bought land one year later. Even after the failure of the Roanoke colony they are settling on the Albemarle because of the tobacco industries. Unfortently the tobacco drained the nutrients out of the field in about seven years. Soon all the farmers where on the look out for land. In 1622 John Pory traveled all the way through the swamp and went to the South River Chawonock about sixtie miles where he found a very plentiful Countrie. In the 1629, King Charles the first gave a vast tract of land sout of the Dismal to his attorney general, Sir Rober Heath. By the 1650's the best Virginia land had been taked and the prices of tobacco had fallen so this mad it harder for newcomers to make a living there.

Carolina Rogues

There was another reason the settlers wanted to settle on the Albemarle Sound´╗┐. Tobacco was a huge source of revenue for the king. Taxes for tobacco was collected as customs duties and help paid for the expenses of its new colonies in the New World. The first settler to remote necks of the Alvemarle Sound soon had a reputation for being rougues, a term used to call people cheaters. Thats because they often shipped of their products through the channals without payin the tax collector. For many years the Durants and their neighbors did well and others joined them. By 1665a goverment official noted that fortie miles square will not comprehend the Inhabitants already seated. Their ability to succeed was helped by the fact that the staus of their property was uncertain.,+North+Carolina&hl=en&ftid=0x89a56eb203e8b6cb:0x576b123b3c1e2032